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The new Fundamentalists

“The fundamentals of the economy are strong”

These fundamentals,mere political rhetoric,that in all reality is talking loud,while sayin fuckall,is another one of the many farcical attempts to grant the fallen an electoral stay of execution(the problem is,they’re still there,much to the delight of opponents and financial parasites alike).

Regarding any factual accounts of the current economic state of affairs,it is the impact on the personal and general wellbeing of the citizens of this state which matter most.The continuous blah blah blah of the issues at hand have avoided(where the political monkeys are concerned) the real questions,such as,what effect will it have on me,my family,my neighbours,friends,locality,county,country and so on?Remember,the idea of looking forward does not mean neglect the present,for we live in the now and struggle now,not for some futuristic vision of an already proven corrupt,irresponsible,and at the very least,fuckin moronically incompetent batch of dickheads to ever grace this sorry state of affairs,but a future that is self perpetuating from the present,a future that is present.Our problems are now,our needs are now,some may not yet have hit the bottom,but they are NOW in the process of doing so.Past crimes aside,present ones are to ignore the anger for the sake of selling a future very few of this,and possibly the next generation will benefit from.Notable exception in respect or should i say deference to,the financial rapists,who,claim economic protection through a bankruptcy they have bestowed upon the collective.

Yes,we are now in the death throes of an economy that will in the future,ravage us again and again and again.When you have contributed everything and anything you can’t even afford to the so called protection/saving of the irish economy,the ones who you’ve bailed out will after the dust has settled,still have amassed and protected their own fortunes outside of the business failure.Who do you think will be the property owners/landlords in the next decade?When houses are again cheap as shit to buy,the shit will buy.Then who will you be propping up?Who do you think you will be paying rent to?Those of you lucky enough with houses of your own on the medium level will be paying taxes to cover the rent allowance(if there is any) ,and to whom does that money go?You are already paying their debts,now for some more.This is the ultimate aim and gain of the Irish political/social/economic system.The Chicago boys school rules.We will be paying the gangsters,the profiteers of irish parasitical gombeenism for the next 2-3 decades,and your children will have no future.

When you hear the political mantra “the fundamentals of the economy are strong”,being repeated and regurgitated like a hungry parrot,you know you’re in trouble.The fundamentals?When politicians start adding meaningless terminology to common terms,something is wrong with the common term,in this case – the economy.As for general elections,try put your faith in the cowardly opposition and their currently “powerless” position in the dail,bravely standing up and haranguing the fallen who just don’t know they’ve fallen yet.Putting trust in any party,especially one that has had representives openly declare they wanted to see the failers clean up their own mess is an admission of impotence,on both counts.This cries out for a simple approach,irrespective of the absolute solution.You obviously don’t trust them,so why not then put your trust in yourself?People can actually make decisions which are more in service of the betterment of their society than those whose mealy-mouthed self service,is mere wanking over the already disintegrated biscuit.I hesitate to say,Grow some fucking balls.

To quote Chuck D- “The neighborhood supports so put some Money in it,Corporations owe Dey gotta give up the dough To da town or else We gotta shut ’em down” .

Sometimes the path well worn has been,and therefore no longer is.

We are Fundamentally fucked,thats about the strength of it


The Obsessive Compulsive Denial empire

“Those who are dropping the morale of the people are those who exaggerate the weaknesses in our economy and make no effort whatever to favour the national interest.” Brian Cowan

Welcome to the – whatever you do,don’t say what you think – economy.Bad thoughts will ruin us.If you think it they will run.It has come to the attention of no one that although nothing is inherently wrong,our European partners are happy with the way we are dealing with no economic crisis,using sound economic policies in conjunction with popular approval.We are dealing with this non-crisis,using solid judgement,sensible planning and dare i say it,no little rhetorical swagger.Economic recovery is all about confidence,avoid the cracks in the pavement,count backwards from 9,spend,spend,spend,and everything will be fine.

Its the stupid,economy.

Spite – the drug that won’t stop giving

There’s no I in team but there is a U in cunt” Kenny Powers