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Get the Picture?

Paint my views as out there to paint me insane,

but the only picture you paint is one that is patently framed


God’s Darwinian Test

Take the Creationist argument that dinosaur fossils were put there to test our faith. That God put them there to test our faith. That we, in order to fulfill and pass the test must have faith in evolution as it is God’s creation. Following, if through evolution man was created and then, man conceived of God, being that evolution is not faith based, do we then through the evolutionary practice of science dismiss God as a failure by proxy of this faith in evolution.

Totally Shattered

You may ask is Shatter lying? And in addition, did he lie by denying he was lying which implies he’s twice the liar denying the truth? but, seen as it is a truth he’s denying, does it make his denial true, even if it is a lie? And, will he deny it?


The Enclosure of the Cumann

Cunning Hired Knaves

The deal struck by the GAA with Sky Sports is causing a lot of consternation, and receiving a lot of media attention. I am not the biggest GAA fan in the parish by any stretch of the imagination. The last time I was at a match was maybe nine or ten years ago. I only went to Armagh matches when they were good. I watch the championship sporadically and have no idea what happens in the national league from year to year. I played football and hurling at school and was very mediocre, lacking variously the drive, the physical prowess or the desire to beat people up that might make a fine player. Normally I don’t say anything about GAA matters because there are millions of people far better informed about them than me, and I would only make an arse of myself if I started discussing team selections and…

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